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The King of the Herbs

History of Ganoderma (AKA. The “King of Herbs”)
Ganoderma Lucidium (AKA Reishi Mushroom) has more than 5,000 years of history. Since the ancient period, it had been called the miraculous herb, precious herb, and an herb on behalf of life. It was and treated as a “panacea” tribute on behalf of emperors and later earned the nickname “supernatural eastern mushroom” from citizens of the west.

Ancient records showed that Ganoderma Lucidum grew in the imperial palace, which is thought to tally for quiet throughout the Handi-Wudi Epoch. A man named Pengzu who was from Wuyi Mountain was thought to contain lived for hundreds of years, with the face of a immature person, in no way looking old, and allocated it to ganoderma lucidum. He understood, he kept back himself in gain vigor by taking Ganoderma Lucidum, drinking the chute and living in reclusion.

The virtues of Ganoderma (Lingshi, Reishi) have been famous since ancient time in China and principal renowned through the reign of Fu Xi (2952-2836 BC).The Infamous Seng Nong is said to have discovered teh beneficial virtues of plants by trying hundreds of spcies. “Seng Nong’s Herbal Classic” is considered to be the most primitive manuscript on Chinese Materia Medica and is still in our day the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Oriental medicine in broad-spectrum. The record describes Ganoderma Lucidum in fact: In the company of 365 specieis of plants, roots, wood, fur, animals and stones, separated into three grades, Ganoderma is listed as the highest rank- No.1 of the first of “Superior Herbs.”

Six species of Ganoderma, differentiated by color, are mentioned in the Seng Nong,classic. Li Shi Zhen, a famous medicinal scholoar duriing the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), fully researched and concretely documented the indications of the six species. The creation of Li was republished in 1956, and translated into several foreign launguages with Japanese, English, French, German, Russian and Latin. This hardback is regarded as the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To uncover Ganoderma in ancient time, citizens had to reach in height up on the mountains and deep into forrests to harvest this a good number valuable herb. The discovery of Ganoderma led to wide-spread celebration. Ganoderma was so valued it was used almost exclusively by Emperors and by highly ranked courtesans.

– Markus