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Dr. Oz Cordyceps Mushroom – Caterpillar Mushroom

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Dr. Oz Cordyceps for Fatigue

Dr. Oz on today’s live show talked about the use of Cordyceps to fight fatigue. Now Cordyceps is something that has been around in the sports nutrition community for quite some time. It’s a supplement used by a lot of runners actually. It allows them to breathe better and become less tired during their running.
So What is Dr. Oz’s Cordyceps Mushroom?

Cordyceps, one of the better-known traditional Chinese medicines, consists of the dried fungus Cordyceps sinensis growing on the larva of the caterpillar. It is commonly used in China for the replenishment of general body health. Cordyceps has a broad range of pharmacological and biological actions on the liver, kidneys, heart, and immune system. One of the known pharmacological effects is its anti-oxidation activity. Cordyceps sinensis, a well-known and valued traditional Chinese medicine, is also called DongChongXiaCao (winter worm summer grass) in Chinese.
Cordyceps Benefits

Helps regulate cholesterol levels. Various formal studies demonstrated that administration of Cordyceps Sinensis extract helps t regulated cholesterol level.

Stimulates the immune system. Cordyceps Sinensis Extract helps in boosting the immune system. It protects the body from infections. It enhances the defence mechanism in the body.

Alleviates the symptoms of various respiratory illnesses. Cordyceps Sinensis extract is the most effective with respiratory illnesses.

Increases energy level. In ancient China Cordyceps Sinensis has initially been used as a energy tonic. Cordyceps increases the cellular ATP level and oxygen utilization, which leads to a real increase in actual energy that is available for use.

Regulates blood pressure. The research has shown that administration of Cordyceps can help with regulating blood pressure and blood supply.

Regulates kidney and liver function.

Dr. Oz Recommendation / Directions

Take 3 grams per day spreadout through the day,

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The powerful gains received when eating cordyceps was initially recognized approximately fifteen hundred years ago. Shepherd farmers tending to their herds in the Tibetan mountain ranges realized a difference in their livestock. The cattle had become quite vigorous and were acting more youthful while eating a small mushroom that resembled grass.

It has been since this time that cordyceps became popular as a pick-me-up stimulant that seemed to improve many other physiological issues such as better organ functionality, improved immunity and general strength and well being. Cordyceps are suggested as a means to recovery from childbirth and surgery or illnesses.

Cordyceps are commonly recommended as a treatment method for asthma, chest congestion and coughing, weak lung and wheezing, shortness of breath and as an expectorant. Cordyceps work vigorously on the “lung meridian”, that of Chinese traditional medicine lore, and therefore is effective as a remedy and preventive therapy for lung ailments. In those individuals who require a boost of energy due to a weak respiratory system, cordyceps enhance energy so physical labor is easier, as well as sports or physical activity in general.

Traditional medicine practitioners quite often utilize cordyceps as a means of treating overall fatigue, weakness and debilitation. As a means of staving off stress cordyceps are quite effective and they are used to battle fatigue and intense tiredness while augmenting endurance. This remarkable fungus is used as a stimulant when added energy is required for day to day activities and it will aid in adjusting sleep cycles while effectively assisting in the transfer of essential nutrients within your body. Cordyceps are also proven to aid in the oxygenation of the cells so knowing this it would behoove a person to try taking cordyceps to improve their physical well being.

Cordyceps are also known for its effectiveness as an innate aphrodisiac and is highly sought after as a sexual tonic. It does not have the fast acting tendencies of say horny goat weed, deer antler or even sea dragon, cordyceps acts in a more overall intense manner to strengthen sexual prowess. It is known for its yin and yang capacity and as a strong yang tonic it reinforces the kidney channel, also of traditional medicine teachings, an area known for sexual vitality and longing.

In traditional Chinese medicine, cordyceps is for use in males suffering erectile dysfunction but it is also a treatment for impotence and infertility. It will treat and improve one’s libido, sexual function and desire as well as energy requirements and the physical durability required for sexual activity. Many studies and investigations have been conducted that display the results of cordyceps and their ability to stimulate the discharge of testosterone as it relaxes the smooth corpus cavernosum muscle found in the penis. This provides for additional blood flow causing firmer erections while enhancing sexual feeling. Investigations concluded at Beijing University that there was a sixty four percent success ratio in men who endured sexual impotence.

Cordyceps act as a strong traditional anti aging trigger for rejuvenating the body while innately encouraging longevity in its users. It restocks the yin and yang energy balance rebuilding physical potency subsequent to intense physical, emotional or mental effort. It should be emphasized that cordyceps act to safeguard an individual from the rapid advance of aging related to stress sources. Investigations have verified how cordyceps will raise the activity level of superoxide dismutase [or SOD] – an extremely favorable and forceful antioxidant in our bodies. Since cordyceps is a potent antioxidant on its own it assists in ridding the body of free radical activity that can lead to early aging and more serious though common age related degenerative illnesses.

Cordyceps has displayed a capacity to lower a person’s bad LDL cholesterol as they raise the good stuff, the HDL cholesterol level. It can stop the bad LDL cholesterol from oxidation as it thins out the blood to thwart plaque formation or clotting, both of which can clog blood vessels. This action will aid in the prevention of strokes or heart attacks. There have been clinical trials and investigations that show people who suffer from heart disease are able to amazingly rebound and begin progressive healing while taking cordyceps along with their physician prescribed pharmaceuticals.

Your kidneys have been referred to as “the root of life” and so cordyceps has been utilized primarily as a treatment for kidney malfunction. Recent medical research has verified that cordyceps are definitely safeguarding the kidneys while they also aid in improving their operational capability. Kidney transplant patients have taken cordyceps and found them very effective at aiding in healing processes. There is one caveat here that when using cordyceps for kidney conditions you should only do so under the guidance of a medical professional.

Cordyceps have traditionally been a way of making the body stronger and building up its defenses from infectious contagions and studies of late have proven that they are powerful immune system enhancers. Cordyceps will trigger the development of immunity cells like macrophages, lymphocytes, T helper cells and interleukin within your system. They will act as an extraordinary immunity regulator since they will stimulate the underachieving immunity cells and calm the overactive types.
Since the 1970s in China they have been investigating the ability of cordyceps to restrain cancer cells. The examinations have revealed that cordyceps aided in the reduction of the size of a tumor and enhanced the sick patients coping ability where chemotherapy and radiation treatments were given. It also lowered the toxicity consequences on the bone marrow caused by these therapies. The investigations showed that cordyceps had anti tumor characteristics and they trigger natural killer defenses.

When our immune system is strained it must work harder longer as it works at neutralizing harmful environmental byproducts that surround us always. Try as we may, we will get sick and our bodies will be out of balance from the constant onslaught of infectious bacteria and damaging free radicals. Cordyceps as a mushroom/fungus have the innate ability to protect us from much of this potential harm by augmenting our immunity. Particularly as we advance in age our bodies become more vulnerable and it is even more important to ingest cordyceps.

Cordyceps or cordyceps Sinensis are found in extreme altitudes and are also known as “winter worm or summer grass even caterpillar fungus by some based on the Chinese definition of its name.  It is a natural cross union of insect and plant life. It was thought to be a worm rather than an herbal plant form when it was first discovered centuries ago. The cordyceps is a byproduct of a variety of fungus which leeches off the larvae of Chongcao bat moths and shapes into a fungus – larva combo body, taking up to seven years to finish its cycle of life.

The cordyceps is actually a culinary delicacy in Chinese society having been used in soups and various brews along with pork and poultry. Because it is so lavishly priced and quite scarce, once again a mushroom was only available to the wealthiest of ancient cultures reserved for emperors and royalty. Cordyceps have been known for centuries as an effective treatment in traditional Chinese medicine.

In 1993, a trio of female Chinese athletes al set new global records at the national games in China. When quizzed by journalists, their coach credited their success to intense physical training and being supplemented by cordyceps mushroom fungus. Even now studies continue to verify the effectiveness of cordyceps for their healthful benefits.

Approximately ten years ago a modest study was conducted at the American College of Sports Medicine during their annual meeting that revealed how cordyceps based supplements such as CordyMax and Pharmanex had raised considerably the ceiling oxygen uptake and anaerobic maximums, which might lead to additional exercise capability and an opposition to eventual exhaustion.

Cordyceps are a simple way for anyone to get maximum health benefits from their dietary and nutritional meal planning. Rarely has there been such a powerful food product with such healthy benefits that can be so easily added to any current menu. They can be found in a natural dried formation, powdered mix, tinctures, as a dietary supplement or they can be mixed into soups or broth as a tonic. Young people and the elderly alike can all benefit from the phenomenal features offered by this highland mushroom fungus that has been helping keep people healthy and live extended lives for many centuries. That seems like quite an impressive track record.

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Cordyceps – The Caterpillar Fungus

The Strange Mushroom with it’s Secrets

While most commonly known as Caterpillar Fungus, Dong Chong Xia Cao Tachukas and Deer Fungus, Cordyceps are a type of mushroom that is found scarcely in Sweden and Finland, very few Norwegian localities, and very isolated areas of southwest China. These incredibly rare types of mushrooms were first noticed more than 1500 years when the effects of their ingestion became evident in the health and vitality of grazing animals in the Tibetan Himalayan meadows. Herdsmen noticed that their sheep and cattle had become much stronger and healthier, thus drawing attention to their grazing patterns. Upon studying the diet of these animals, it was noted that much of their diet consisted of the thin, grass-like mushroom. As news of this miraculous mushroom spread, Chinese doctors soon attempted to use the medicinal properties of Cordyceps Mushrooms to treat diseases for which there had been no previous treatment. Simply by the spreading of the word, the Cordyceps became a revered drug in Chinese Culture.

Use in Medicine

In specific regions of China, many generations of proficient doctors have used the Cordycep Mushroom to address a great number of issues associated with circulation, respiration, sexual dysfunctions, and immune deficiencies. The Cordycep Mushrooms also are quite effective at staving off the effects of depression, many types of allergic conditions, colds and flues by means of helping to boost the energy supply of the lungs and adrenal glands. Due to the Cordyceps natural ability to boost stamina and energy and regulate one’s appetite and patterns of sleep, Cordyceps have won general health tonic classification. Quite often, it is recommended that those who suffer from the trials and tribulations of shortness of breath, depression, and general aches and pains due to stress ingest the Cordycep Mushroom due to their beneficial healing powers.

Of even greater importance, Cordycep Mushrooms have been proven to be quite beneficial to the treatment and prevention of various male potency issues, and a great number of diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, rheumatoid arthritis, neurasthenia, and even the build up of excess fat around the waist and knee areas of the body. Various studies have also demonstrated that the Cordycep mushrooms are quite effective in the prevention of coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and the reduction of the level of lipoproteinemia in the human blood stream. In traditional Chinese medical practices, the Cordycep Mushroom is quite often used for the kidney and lung meridians. In terms of relation to health benefits, it is well known that the Cordycep Mushroom also helps to prolong life and heighten the levels of naturally occurring antioxidants in the human bloodstream. Cordyceps are also quite adept at increasing the level of Andenoise Tri-phosphate in the mitochondrial part of human cells. This increase aids in increasing energy levels. It can be considerably beneficial to those who participate in sports and athletic events. Typically, those athletes who consumed the Cordycep Mushroom during their training cycle noticed significant gains in performance. In many instances, these athletes have succeeded in shattering world records and further legitimizing the Cordycep mushroom.

In terms of the kidney and lung meridians, Cordyceps are frequently prescribed for those with asthma, weak lung, coughs, asthma, shortness of breath, wheezing, and phlegm reduction. This also explains why those in sports seem to perform better. Those who need extra energy to perform certain tasks need stronger respiratory systems, which is what Cordyceps do for these individuals.

Cordyceps and Sexual Health

Cordyceps is said to be a natural aphrodisiac and is considered to be a type of sexual tonic for those suffering from sexual dysfunctions. The effect may not be as quick as other supplements for sexual dysfunction, but the strengthening effect is more profound. The kidney channel is fortified, which is the area that is responsible for desire and sexual energy. In countries such as China, Cordyceps are commonly used for those suffering from such conditions as erectile dysfunction, infertility, and impotence. Libido is improved, performance is improved, and sexual desire increases. Energy and physical endurance benefits as well. There have been a large number of studies that point out how Cordyceps stimulate the release of testosterone and improve blood flow in order to enable a stronger erection and make sexual sensations more improved. One such study was conducted at Beijing Medical University and it found that Cordyceps have a 64% success rate in those men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Anti-Aging Effects of Cordyceps

There is also an anti-aging effect when it comes to Cordyceps, which is another ways in which it is considered a tonic. They help rejuvenate the body and they promote longevity. The Yin and Yang energy are replenished and strength is restored after physical activity. Studies have found that the powerful antioxidant superoxide dismutase is increased by Cordyceps and that these mushrooms also take out the free radicals that are responsible for premature aging and other diseases that are considered degenerative.

Overall, Cordyceps have been used to strengthen the body’s immune system against infections and diseases. Clinical studies have shown it to be a natural immune booster because the production of immune cells is increased significantly. In addition, the immune system is regulated. With all of these immune benefits, benefits to the bodily organs, and the effects on sexual disorders, Cordyceps make an excellent part of an individual’s diet.

The Power Within the Mushroom
By Omid Jaffari